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Horse Riding in Africa

horseandzebrasAfrica is a vibrant continent with diverse cultures and is the perfect place for horse safaris. The variety of 'in the saddle experiences' is astounding – safaris along river systems in Botswana and open plain horse riding in Kenya. From the waterfalls of Zimbabwe, the vast open plains teeming with wildlife, the boundless expanse of the Kalahari Desert, the pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean, to Cape Town’s striking back drop of Table Mountain and the enchanting vineyards of the wine region, Africa is an inspirational continent.zulus

To explore this incredible continent on horseback brings you closer to the overwhelming African spirit that will live with you forever. Experience beach riding in Mozambique on the shores of the Indian Ocean or go back to nature and explore the vast unpopulated remote plains of South Africa. A safari on horseback cantering alongside antelope or getting up close with wildlife, flora and fauna is an unforgettable experience.

It is impossible to visit Africa once and feel you have done this continent justice and we hope that you will return again and again to embrace the African spirit. ele

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