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landscapepeopleMongolia, the land of blue sky and boundless space, lies at the heart of Asia, between China, and the vast wilderness of Siberia in Russia. This huge, sparsely populated land encompasses a fabulous array of pristine landscapes and a nomadic people whose lives are in many ways unchanged from the days of Genghis Khan and the mighty Mongol Empire.

Here, where nomadic herders still depend on nature for survival, you’ll find priceless luxuries like open space, untouched wilderness, and pristine air and water in abundance, each cherished by the Mongolian people. As the 19th largest country in the world, Mongolia’s considerable size means an enormous variety of landscapes, and plenty of room for guests. Fantastic expanses of rolling steppe, home to Mongolia's famous horses and herdsmen, meet high glacial mountains, impenetrable forests and deep, crystal lakes.

Like the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan’s time that stretched from Japan to Hungary, Mongolia today remains a place of natural and cultural diversity and endless possibilities for discovery and adventure. 

Five Kings of the Altai

Enjoy the tranquillity of riding on horseback and walking at a leisurely pace through the lakes, rivers, valleys and snow-capped peaks of the Altai Mountain range. Observe the traditions of the eagle hunter Kazakhs...

Gobi Desert & Khangai Mountains

This is a new route and few foreigners have ever been in the area. The area traverses from Mongolia’s biggest sand-dunes to one of the country’s highest mountain ranges.....

Khentii Wilderness Ride

Deep in the forested valleys, you will discover the hidden jewel of the area – Khagiin Khar or the Black Lake, truly wild and remote. Bears, wolves, red deer, moose and other wild animals are the only inhabitants of this strictly protected area. ......

Mongol Ride

This horse riding challenge will take you into the homeland of Chinggis Khaan, where you will move through partly forested, partly mountainous landscapes, interrupted by streams and rivers.....

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