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Iceland’s natural features, eruptions of lava, gushing geysers, hot springs, tearing fissures and slow, grinding glaciers are so cinematic that at times they seem unreal. The landscape is infectious: hidden energy and a desire to shape the world are Icelandic traits. Riding through Iceland will rejuvenate your senses.









Around the Volcano Eco-Tour

This shorter break is 3 days riding over the black lava fields of the volcano Hengill into the green hidden Valley of Horses

Autumn Colours & Northern Lights

This Riding tour provides the opportunity to experience the variety and beauty of Icelandic nature in Autumn. By late August Iceland's summer is all but over. The days in September shorten, bringing a wide range of autumnal colours and the famous Northern Lights.

Fascinating Northern Iceland

This wonderful ride will take you through diverse landscapes and into Europe's most active volcanic region - to waterfalls and valleys, rivers and lakes - with magnificent views from the Spregisandur highland along the way.

Icelandic Farm Holiday

Take a closer look behind the scenes of an Icelandic farm with horses, which is located within one of the stunning fjords of north Iceland:

Riding With The Elves

These enchanting rides take you through magical landscapes with breathtaking views over one of the longest fjords of Iceland and out to the sea and the island of Hrísey

The Kjolur Wilderness Trail

The Kjölur route is an ancient riding trail, intimately associated with many dramatic events in Icelandic history.

The Volcano Hekla Deluxe

This 7 day trail gives the chance to explore the area between the volcano Hekla and Tindafjallajökull Glacier. The area is known for its soft riding paths and very special and beautiful nature, green........

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