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If you imagine Arizona as a desert and scrubland, with only the occasional huge cactus dotted over an arid landscape - be prepared for a big surprise! Arizona is the USA's sixth largest state with terrain varying from desert to alpine.  There is an abundance of trees and plants, with more than 60% of all types of wildlife species to be found in North America! Arizona's unique geological formations culminate in the awesome Grand Canyon, rising majestically above the Colorado River. Monument Valley has provided a natural setting for many western films and visits to these sites, the ancient Indian ruins at Canyon de Chelly, the spectacular Red Rock country around Sedona and the huge meteorite crater near Winslow should all be included in your itinerary. Rich in frontierland folklore, homeland of the Apaches and Tombstone, scene of the gunfight at the OK Corral, makes Arizona a colourful place to visit.

Its temperature is mostly warm and comfortable all year round. Mountainous areas, such as Flagstaff at 2,134m (7,000ft), are colder, particularly in winter, and in summer, there are cool mountain breezes. Desert temperatures range from hot during the day to cold at night. From the desert floor to the highest pine-covered mountain peak, Arizona’s renowned sunshine ensures that nearly every day is a perfect one for sightseeing, playing a round of golf, riding through the wilderness, skiing down a mountain slope or simply relaxing by a sparkling swimming pool.

Desert Ranch

Situated just 65 miles from Tucson in the high Sonoran Desert, this ranch offers a variety of unique & exciting rides. Take a ride over rocky uplands and across grassland desert rounding up Longhorn cattle or maybe ....

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