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Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, located right on the Equator, and crossed from north to south by a series of fertile Andean valleys, scattered among snow peaks and active volcanoes. Ecuador lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Amazon Basin, between Colombia & Peru. Beside its beautiful landscapes, it offers such wonderful attractions including the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon Rain Forest and the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest. Its colonial cities, colourful Indian markets, and a rich historical and cultural heritage make this small South American country a destination well worth visiting.

Wonderful wildlife is another delight in Ecuador: 'Hot and sunny here in the Andes ....on every single ride over the last two months, we have seen at least one condor at close range' (August 2012)


NEW QUITO AIRPORT opened on 20 February 2013

Please estimate at least 1 hour drive between the new airport and Quito because the new access roads will not be completed for some time.


Andes Cattle Roundup

This is by far the largest annual cattle roundup in Ecuador, rounding up over 2000 head of part and pure Spanish fighting bulls. Very challenging riding over rough terrain in the stunning scenery of the remote Andes. Riding alongside skilled local horsemen, surrounded by magnificent snow-capped Andean peaks.

Colonial Haciendas Ride

Varied paced riding with plenty of opportunities for long canters on top quality horses in two stunning, yet very distinct, areas of Ecuador, in the heart of the Andes. Each day we ride to another stunning location...

Cotopaxi Adventure

A complete circuit of the highest active volcano in the world. A ride for fit riders capable of riding in a multitude of challenging terrain and spending long days in the saddle...

Volcanoes & Vistas

A challenging route through stunning scenery over incredibly varied terrain, including fast-paced riding across arid plains alongside the wild horses of Cotopaxi National Park and traversing the incredibly scenic northern valleys – two very distinct areas of the Andes.

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